Websites that I’ve found to be useful: – by far the best online resource I’ve seen for those who suffer from vaginismus

National Vulvodynia Association – a great online resource for information on vulvodynia

Vulval Pain Society – more good online info regarding vulvodynia

Pelvic Physiotherapy – online information about pelvic physiotherapy

Women’s Therapy Center in New York - doing some great work to help women through vaginismus

Multidisciplinary Vulvodynia Program in Vancouver – a vulvodynia treatment centre in Vancouver, BC Canada.

Vaginismus Support Forums:

Vaginismus Support Group on Yahoo! – this forum has been around for awhile and has a fairly active group of participants that ask/respond to questions and offer support to others dealing with vaginismus

Treat Vaginismus Forum – looks like this forum is relatively new but I love that more people are talking about vaginismus!

Vaginismus in the Media:

TLC’s Strange Sex “Secret Pain” episode – available to watch on the Women’s Therapy Centre website, this is one of the first times I have ever seen this issue discussed so openly on tv.

Marie Claire Magazine talks about Botox and PFD (Pelvic Floor Disorder) - an article about the use of botox to assist with vaginismus (or PFD).

I’ll be adding other resources as I come across them, but if you are aware of a great site or book that should be featured in this Resources list, please email me! I’m especially looking for other active bloggers to connect with.


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