Two Minor Complications

#1 – I threw out my back.  I have no idea how, but for the last week or so, I’ve been waddling around like a cowboy because my lower back has been going into spasm.  Thankfully my pelvic physiotherapist can also work on this, so I’ve been focusing much of my attention on getting my mobility back.

Oddly enough, I am still able to do homework (sitting in a recline position, legs spread, is no problem!); however, I am finding there’s not a lot of room in there.  Although there is no pain, I can only get my dilators in about halfway.  My physio says this is because my lower back muscles are in spasm and taking up a lot of that space.  So, until things calm down, we’ll be doing a half-assed job with homework.

Which would be fine except that…..

#2 – I left my giant ziploc bag of dilators, lube and condoms in the drawer of my hotel room in middle-America yesterday, right next to the King James bible.  I realized this as I was going through security at the airport, and although I would have had enough time to take a cab BACK to the hotel, get said bag of goodies, and make a mad dash back to the airport, I would not have been able to get everything through security (and my bag had already been checked).  The dilators I use are wax, which apparently show up on the airport scanners as liquid and its a giant hassle, not to mention a huge embarrassment, to try to explain this to the security guards (yes, I’ve done it once before and it wasn’t pleasant).

So, I contemplated Fed-Ex-ing the bag back to myself, but since I was in a small airport, there was no Fed-Ex office or post office.  I also contemplated calling the hotel, asking the sure-to-be-shocked receptionist to locate the bag of goodies and then mail it to me, but because I live in Canada, it would have had to cross the border, which creates a whole other brilliant scenario of awkwardness. Not to mention – it’s expensive!

Long story short, I used my extra time at the airport to research dilators (since my original set had come from a gynecologist I no longer see), and dildos.  And today I am driving all over town replacing all my props.

*sigh* but kind of a humorous story, nonetheless, don’t you think?

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