So long, Cookie Monster

So, where were we?  Well, I have finally replaced all of my vagina goodies since leaving them in the bible drawer in my hotel. And I have mostly gotten over the embarrassment of knowing that some poor housekeeping staff member will stumble upon them and be in complete shock.  It’s now actually a rather funny story. It would be a GREAT cocktail party story, except I’d have to explain why I travel with 3 giant dildos, tubes of lube and piles of condoms without sounding like a sex-crazed maniac.

Anyways, all the goodies have been replaced, and although it cost me over $150, I am back on track again.  Sadly, the Cookie Monster is no longer a part of my collection.  I now have Big Red instead (basically the same o’ dildo but in metallic red).  And I replaced my set of 7 accommodators, but – lucky me! – number 7 is even BIGGER in this set than in my last (even though they are apparently from the same molds). But it is definitely less tapered, so it will be interesting to use.  My back problems have also seemed to almost vanish, so that’s also good news.

Hubby and I saw the sex therapist this week.  Every time I go, I go into the appointment thinking, “What could we POSSIBLY talk about this time???”  And every time we leave, I am completely surprised.  I don’t know that I particularly like this woman, but she certainly knows how to get people talking about sex.  Hubby and I had some eye-opening revelations, and we both left feeling really positive.

I feel like there’s a lot to say in this post so maybe I’ll continue with more tomorrow.  But – long story short – things are still moving (slowly) forward.

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