Sorry Mom!

I’ve been quiet on the blogging front.  I feel like I say that more often than not when I post here. Truth is, things have been going really well in the wonderful world of dilating, and I haven’t really felt that I’ve had much to say.

That’s only partly true.

Yes, things have been going well in the wonderful world of dilating. But there’s another reason why I haven’t been posting.

I shared this blog with my mom and my sister.

And mom – I love you to bits, you know that. But I now feel somewhat embarrassed to post here.  It’s silly, I know.  But every time I think of something to write about, I think about mom reading it.  And even though I know you are SUPER supportive and amazing, I still hesitate a bit.

Anyways, I wanted to be honest and get that out there.  And let you (and everyone else) know that I’m deciding to ignore that (ha!) and trust that you (and my sister) are smart enough, and self-aware enough to know what your comfort levels are, in terms of reading this blog.

So, from now, I’m letting ‘er rip! (and maybe let’s avoid talking about some of the more personal stuff face-to-face because that might completely mortify me!)

That being said, I don’t really have anything earth-shattering to share with everyone today.  Been continuing to work with my physiotherapist using number 6, the Cookie Monster and number 7.  Number 6 is almost easy – yay! The blue cookie monster is still slightly painful (damn those bulbous tips!), but it’s getting better.  And yesterday, number 7 went in all the way.  Felt like my insides could not possible stretch any further (how in HELL does anyone ever push a BABY through there?!?!?!), but progress still!

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