Toys in my Purse

I have become *that* girl….you know, the one that carries 4 dildos in her purse?

What? You mean, you don’t know people like that?  Weird….

Anyways, I realized the other day that I don’t really have anyone to share that ridiculous tidbit of information with in my real life.  And when did I realize this?  When I was standing in line at Subway, fishing my wallet out of my purse, and trying not to flash the cashier with my stash of 3 dilators and one giant blue Cookie Monster dildo.  I had just come from yet another appointment with my pelvic physiotherapist, and my purse is the most convenient place to stash my wares.

And I just find it funny! And I have no one to tell – except you fine people!

I don’t keep the toys in my purse at all times, but every now and then I giggle to myself as I’m standing in front of the teller at the bank, or going into a meeting, or having dinner with my 87-year-old aunt – because I’M CARRYING 4 DILDOS IN MY PURSE.

Oh, the secrets we keep.

P.S. Sorry for not writing lately.  I fell off the dilating wagon, ’cause regular life/chaos took over.  But I’m back!

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