Totally Tubular

My pelvic physiotherapist is rad. I love her to pieces.

But I need to stop telling people how awesome she is.  Because apparently she is now booked a month in advance.  And I couldn’t get my next appointment with her for another 3 weeks.


Looks like hubby and I have some homework to do. We’ve sort of fallen off the homework train lately. What with having houseguests, and my period, and trips away etc. etc. etc, we’ve literally not done homework together in weeks.  And it really does affect things.

I went to physio yesterday, having not done homework since my last appointment (the joyous Cookie Monster appointment, that I wrote about here), and things were definitely more difficult. Lesson learned.

But every time I got to physio, I learn something new and amazing about my vagina.  For example, yesterday, I learned that I am particularly sensitive on the lower left side of the entrance to my va-jay-jay because there is a small remnant of my hymen left there.  And anytime anything goes in/out of there, it rubs against it and gets irritated. Huh!

A few weeks ago, my physio was telling me about my amazing fallopian tubes.  Apparently fallopian tubes are note actually attached to your ovaries.  They are literally just floating around in there, and they are hormonally attracted to your ovaries when you release an egg.  Those crazy fallopian tubes free-float in space and move to wherever the egg is.  So, if you only release an egg out of one ovary, both fallopian tubes will float over to that egg. CRAZY!

Apparently the female reproduction system is pretty amazing. Even mine, with all it’s complications and quirks. Still learning to love that va-jay-jay :)

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