Everybody’s Makin’ Babies

I’ve been lacking in motivation lately.  And I’m trying to stay positive, but it can get difficult.

It seems like everyone I know is getting pregnant and popping out babies lately.  I remember a few years ago, it seemed like everyone was getting married.  I went to wedding, after wedding, after wedding, and spent gobs of money on bridal showers, stagettes, wedding gifts etc.

Now everyone has moved on to baby-making.  The baby shower invites are coming fast and furious. And I know that I’m getting closer myself, but sometimes, it just feels like I’ll never get there, y’know?

Last night, hubby and I finally did our pelvic floor homework, after literally weeks of us not making it a priority.  But as I mentioned in my last post, my physiotherapist has gotten ridiculously popular lately, and I’m not in to see her again for almost 3 weeks.  So, the work must be done on our own.

And although everything went well (we worked with the magnificent blue Cookie Monster, and hubby was impressed that I “took it like a champ” – ha!), I’m still feeling discouraged.  I know I still have many baby-makin’ years ahead of me, but I’m not gonna lie.  It unnerves me to think that I’m 32 years old, and I don’t have kids yet. And who’s to say that once we do start having intercourse, that we’ll be able to get pregnant easily?

It would be a cruel, cruel joke if the universe decided to make conception difficult. Y’hear that, universe?  I’d like at least some part of this to be easy please!

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One Response to Everybody’s Makin’ Babies

  1. annie says:

    oh friend, i feel you on this one.

    i’ve gone from “oh … my friends are all starting to get pregnant” to “oh … all my married friends except me have kids” to “what the hell?? do you *really* need TWO kids?? some of us don’t have ANY!!”

    and i wish i could get over it, or be more at peace with it, but it’s just not that easy for me.

    hang in there :)

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