Space Invaders

I’ve been a bad kid.  I haven’t been doing my homework as much as I should (my pelvic physio homework with my dilators).

Things have changed around my house recently.  Normally, my husband and I live alone.  But my older brother is currently living with us for 6 weeks while he takes a course.  He’s not a terrible roommate and we generally don’t mind having him around.  It’s just that…..I don’t really want to sit around the house, inserting dilators into my vag, knowing that my brother is watching a Star Trek re-run in the next room.  It’s just not comfortable, y’know?

And yes, I know I can shut the door to my bedroom.  And I realize it’s quite unlikely that he’ll disturb me.  But I still don’t want to deal with the off chance that he’ll need to knock on my door to ask me a question, and I won’t be able to get up to answer the door.  It’s awkward.

So, I’ve tried to do my homework a few times during the day (I work from home), while my bro is away at school.  But this means that hubby can’t be part of the magic ’cause he’s at work. So, it’s become a solitary practice lately, which is not altogether terrible, but can get a bit tiring and boring.

Anyways, I’m off to see my physio this afternoon, and I’m hoping I haven’t brought on any set-backs due to my lack of practicing.  But I’m excited to go today because I’m armed with a new toy.  For some reason, my set of dilators has a rather terrifying difference in size between #6 and #7.  #7 is the last and personally, I think it looks inhumanly huge.  But after careful measurement, it turns out hubby is close to the same size (smaller, but close). I know I should be thinking “Lucky me!” but really, it’s more of a sick joke that the universe is playing on me :)

Long story short, my phsyio asked me to go find a new toy that is somewhere between the size of #6 and #7.  Hubby and I spent some quality time surfing the web and decided on a crazy metallic blue silicone dildo from Womyn’s Ware, which just came in the mail the other day (embarrassingly enough, my brother signed for the package and although it was fairly non-descript, I’m hoping he didn’t put two and two together when he saw that the return address was “Womyn’s Ware”!).

So, today we’ll be exploring the joys of metallic blue silicone at my physio session.  I’ll be sure to report back!

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